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German Shorthaired Pointers Breed Standard

Group: Group 3 (Gundog)

History: Developed in the 19th Century in Germany for Hunting.

Average Life Span: 14 Years 

Size: Medium

Weight: 25Kg - 35Kg

Temperament: Neither nervous, shy or aggressive, reliable, balanced restrained temperament.


Appearance: Conformation that shows proud attitude, has endurance, speed and strength, smooth                               lines, lean head, long flat ears, well carried tail, shiny smooth short coat, harmonious                               strides, deep chest, slightly sloping topline, square hocks, medium dark brown eyes,                                 strong jaw, square muzzle, webbed feet, skin close and tight. 

Movement: Well extended strides, and dog carry's itself with a proud attitude.  

Uses: Hunting, retrieving, track, point, flush, field trials, agility, drug and bomb detection,                                  police duties, search and rescue, nurse companions, and family house pets. 

A more indepth detail on the standard can be found on the ANKC or Dogs QLD website. 

Colours of GSP's

Liver Roan


White & Liver Spots & Patch

Solid Liver


White & Liver Patch

White & Liver Spots

Black RoanGSP.jpg

Black Roan

Black & White Patched Ticked GSP.jpg

White & Black Spots & Patch

Solid Black GSP.jpg

Solid Black


White & Black Spots

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