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The Recoil Philosophy 


My family had 2 working GSP's for retrieving game birds in my early childhood,

Jed was a very sucsessfull hard working dog, with my father, the team won serval field hunt trails with Jed setting a record for the most ducks retrieved in the given time, 29 ducks in 30 minutes. In a local event held back in the day. Both dogs regularly worked in the field on pheasant hunts, successfully  tracking, pointing, flushing and retrieving.

Jed and Bow were also amazing family dogs, with an abundance of personalty to go with it.

The love of German Shorthaired Pointers still lives on in the family 30 years later with our time spent each year in Vic for duck season working the dogs from the punt on water and on dry land.

We enjoy giving others the chance to have a well bred trainable dog through the quality breeding program in place. Weather it be a gsp for the field , the show ring or a loving house pet and family member, Recoil bloodlines are bred with temperament,  conformation, trainability, natural ability and versatility in mind to keep the standard of the breed a high quality, and a vision with nothing less then to improve the breed to the best it can possibly be.

We look forward to our upcoming litters with excitement.  Puppies are a nothing short of a blessing. Each breeding is planned in advance and chosen to produce puppies with everything we are looking for in the next generation of our breeding program. With a high focus on the working dog in the field, we also believe it is very important to maintain correct conformation and type, breeding for natural ability for stalking, pointing, all scent work and retrieving with a willing happy attitude. 

A huge amount of research, time, and experience has gone into setting up the foundation of the Recoil bloodlines. Many of these include champion and supreme champion show lines, proven field lines and very successful lines imported from New Zealand many of those lines put together with extensive scrutiny and success. Bloodlines from champions around the world UK, NZ, USA and AUS all coming together. Some of these lines dating back on record as far as 1880 using the world pedigrees stud book.

Recoil puppy's are continuously showing great promise in the area's of Sled dog Racing, Retriever Trialing, Duck hunting, Quail hunting, Pheasant Hunting, Deer Tracking, The Show Ring, Health Companion work and of course the all important house pet family member. We love to keep in touch with all our recoil puppys and their family's, to watch them grow and develop into the wonderful things we all call mans best friend, this amazing breed has such a characteristic  charming, funny and loveable personalty its no wonder they are so versatile and adaptable.

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