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Tealpoint Yagermiester (Deceased)

Tealpoint Yagermeister" also known as Riff" This beautiful old boy is a truely one of a kind, his amazing character, his beautiful charm, his super handsome strut and his cheeky personality just makes the most amazing boy to have a round. He is supier stud quality with correct conformation and 14 parent pedigree all Supreme, grand and champion status, very hard to find in a quality dog these days. His puppys are proving to be super smart, very trainable, hard workers, and successful in a variety of competitive area's such as hunting, sled dog racing, retriever trials and getting kicked out of puppy school for being to smart and progressing very quickly on to obedience at an early stage. 

Riff's lines date back to champion USA imported lines, then extensively shown across Australia, he has serval full siblings that have also obtained their champion status in the show ring.

Being the oldest member of the Recoil team, he will start to enjoy life as a golden oldie, growing they greys and sun baking all day. His lines are being carried on in a couple of retained Recoil girls who we are super happy with and cant wait to see their future unfold as well. 

Health Screening


Achromatopsia (Pointer Type) - Negative / Clear

Acral Multilation Syndrome (Pointer Type) - Negative / Clear

Cone Degeneration - Negative / Clear

Von willebrand's Disease Type 2 (German Pointer) Negative / Clear

Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia - Negative / Clear

Coat Colour Dilution Alopecia - Negative / Clear

D (Dilute) Locus - Negative

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