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Castlepoint Jedi Knight

Castlepoint Jedi Knight, also know as Jett'. This amazingly well put together boy is from New Zealand, bred from extensively well researched, proven, bloodlines from around the world. His origins are from show and field Champions from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. 

On his sire side, Castlepoint Pretorius, a very strong hunter, super strong in the field, and his mother was extensive trialed across the UK successfully.  Jett's lines are old, very old dating back as far as 1880 on record with word pedigree's through the Swifthouse Tuffy lines. 

On Jett's Dam side the Falkenhof lines are amazing breeding that has been super successful across New Zealand in both parents for field and show, with input of champion Australian lines dating back in the fourth generation as well.

Jett is such a willing fellow, still young but showing great promise for competing with down the track in retriever trials and field trials given the chance. He has a strong natural ability to stalk, scent track in the air and on the ground, point, and retrieve, all this as well as great confirmation, stance , good bone and the show strut to go with it all. His nature is playful, fun and happy to please. A perfect addition to the recoil family and we can't wait to see what his future has in store for him. 

Available at Stud to approved registered bitches for Live cover and Frozen semen available also.

Heath Screening Results:

Semen: 90% Mobility / 96% Morphology

Hip and Elbow score 3/2=5

DNA Results:

Achromatopsia (Pointer Type) - Negative / Clear 

Acral Multilation syndrome (Pointer Type) - Negative / Clear 

Cone Degeneration - Negative / Clear

Von Willebrand's Disease Type 2 (german Pointer) - Negative / Clear 

Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia - Negative / Clear 

Coat Colour Dilution Alopecia - Negative / Clear

D (Dilute) Locus - Negative 

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