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Recoil Huntress
Recoil Huntress_edited.jpg

Recoil Huntress, also known as Rajah, this girl is just like her mum Sonic, she has a very nice pleasant nature , strong nose already showing for a pup and nice trainability. She has a nice body structure type , good bone and is shaping up to be a nice all-round dog to take hunting one day or showing the next. That cool calm personalty is showing a good switch on and off just like Sonic. Ill keep this section updated as we progress with her over the coming 12 months. 

Health Screening

Hip and Elbow Score:


Achromatopsia (Pointer Type) - Negative / Clear

Acral Multilation Syndrome (Pointer Type) - Negative / Clear

Cone Degeneration - Negative / Clear

Von willebrand's Disease Type 2 (German Pointer) Negative / Clear

Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia - Negative / Clear

Coat Colour Dilution Alopecia - Negative / Clear

D (Dilute) Locus - Negative

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