The most common questions are answered here-

  1. All parents are 5 panel DNA'd for herritory diseases and traits. All are %100 clear negative. This includes a full breed profile of - parentage verification, Diseases - Cone Degernation, Von Willebrands disease type 2, Acromatipsia (pointer type), Black hair folicular Dysplasia and Coat colour Dilution Alopecia. Traites include - Coat Colour and Dna profile.

  2. Puppies are ready for homes at 8 weeks of age.

  3. Gsp's are at the very low end of the hip degeneration score card, not a common issue.

  4. Transport - We do fly puppies, to all major and regional capital cities in Australia, we can also export over seas if required. Cost of transport is at buyer expense. Puppies are flown in brand new PP40 creates and we do our best to seek the most reasonably priced and timed flight. 

  5.  Puppies are raised in a farm environment, with lots of noise around them, they get use to sleeping in a kennel, getting bathed regularly with maloseb shampoo, wormed with puppy all wormer every two weeks, taught to graze on dry kibble available to them 24/7 once old enough. 

  6. Puppies are C4 vaccinated, wormed, microchipped, and Pedigree registered.

  7. Current Limited Registration Price is $3300.00 including GST (house pet & hunting option) 

  8. Current Open Registration Price is $4400.00 including GST (show option) this option is to approved homes that show, compete or breed.  

  9. A $1000 deposit is required to secure your puppy once its born.

  10. Your welcome to choose your puppy from the litter, but we do not hold off waiting for you to choose, as others are in the same position.

  11.  Your puppy pack includes -

  • Info of health, diet, careing for your puppy, and history of the breed.

  • 1x puppy collar and name tag

  • 1x tennis ball for fetch

  • 1x chew toy

  • 1x puppy dental stick

  • 1x completed vet check certificate

  • 1x vacinating card

  • Microchip certificate already in your name

  • Pedigree papers already in your name

  • 1x bag to carry your puppy pack in.

  • 1x sample bag of working dog kibble

  • 1x sample of puppy kibble

German Shorthaired Pointers are a very athletic , energetic, characteristic breed. They require regular excersize and human contact. They are a gun dog breed! if you own a bird or a cat please keep this in mind, for little children in the family be aware they are great with kids but can be bouncy! Do your research and give puppy school and obedience training a good thought, your dog will only behave as good as you train it !!!!

If this is the puppy you are looking for please fill in and submit a waiting list application below with your details as these will be needed for your puppy paperwork. Please give as much info as possible in the comment box about what you would like to do with a gsp, how active you are, timing for a puppy, ect. 

Please note that timing for a puppy is not always exact, and sometimes a planned litter does not always happen.

Puppy waiting list application 

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