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Pointgold Perspective

Pointgold Perspective, also known as Bear. She is an extremely smart , very trainable girl, very keen retriever , but with a soft gentle soul. She is a super swimmer, with her natural ability shining at just 8 weeks old doing laps of the dam. So eager to please, Bear is bred for the field, with the proven bloodlines on both her sire and dam side from Pointgold. Her progeny are showing great signs of being very competitive , with one boy already in training to compete in retriever trials next season. 

Health Screening

Hip and Elbow Score:


Achromatopsia (Pointer Type) - Negative / Clear

Acral Multilation Syndrome (Pointer Type) - Negative / Clear

Cone Degeneration - Negative / Clear

Von willebrand's Disease Type 2 (German Pointer) Negative / Clear

Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia - Negative / Clear

Coat Colour Dilution Alopecia - Negative / Clear

D (Dilute) Locus - Negative

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